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What People Say About Their Doula Experiences

  • “Every mother should have a doula!”
  • “Doulas aren't just for moms, every father should have one too.”
  • “The best Christmas present that my husband ever gave me.”
  • “I don’t know how I could have done this without a doula.”
  • “I wish that I had a doula with my first baby, if only I knew then, what I know now.”
  • “If men only knew how much a doula can help them.”
  • “My birth ended in a necessary caesarean section. My doula was with me the entire time, providing me with comfort , support. and the information I needed to make an informed decision”
  • “When the doulas arrived, my whole demeanor changed, their friendly and confident voices immediately calmed me down.“
  • “The doulas gave me the confidence to have my baby without medication.”
  • “My labor lasted all night, my doula stayed by my side and kept me company. It was such a comfort to know that she was there for me giving me constant and caring support.”


Parents Say...


Healthcare Professionals Say...

  • “I wish women, instead of giving baby showers, gave doula showers to help the mothers to obtain one.” OB/GYN
  • “Every mother should have a doula” M.D.
  • “The doulas were extremely helpful in getting a difficult patient to cooperate” M.D.
  • “I wish all of my patients had a doula, they are fabulous!” C.N.M.
  • “Case was challenging, looking forward to working with this doula again” R.N.
  • “Anticipated her clients needs and was pleasant to have around” M.D.

The above are just a few of many actual comments made by parents and healthcare providers.